Welcome to our course on Contemporary Social Theory for the 21st Century: The Age of Indeterminacy. This course provides a review of social theories that were born into the late 20th century and which have matured throughout the opening decades of the 21st century. In this sense, we could refer to these theories as “Postmillennial” (or even “Transmillenial”) social theories inasmuch as they extend from the closing decades of the 20th century into the opening decades of the 21st century. This course has been designed for students who have already taken previous courses in Classical Sociological Theory and Modern Sociological Theory and who are, therefore, familiar with some of the earlier and more established traditions of theory within this discipline. This course introduces the major concepts, definitions, arguments, and theoretical perspectives of some of the most prominent theorists of the transmillenial period. The course also shows how these conceptual tools may be used to analyze particular aspects of our social world(s).