This course is a junior-level, undergraduate, three-credit course in environmental studies. It is suitable for students who are interested in environmental and sustainability issues but have little or no background in these areas. This survey course presents an overview of key concepts related to environmental analysis, such as resilience, carrying capacity, and environmental justice, as well as a range of topics related to contemporary environmental issues such as water, biodiversity, and ecological design.

Environmental Studies 243/Global Studies 243: Environmental Change in a Global Context is devoted to the study of the interactions between human society and the rest of the ecological world. The course introduces the methodology needed for that study and examines topics such as atmospheric change, biodiversity loss, resource use, and agriculture. The course also explores how societies can move toward sustainable development and moderate their effects on the biosphere.

Environmental Studies 305: Environmental Impact Assessment, a three-credit, senior-level course, is designed to introduce you to a systematic process for predicting and evaluating the significant environmental consequences of a proposed action or undertaking.

ENVS 435 is a senior-level, 3-credit social science course. It’s an individualized-study version of an international field course in participatory education with an emphasis upon community-based environmental issues. Designed by adult educators and community workers in Canada and Asia, the course was field tested in Alberta and Newfoundland. A key to the design of the course is the contribution by groups involved in the environmental controversies and community development issues in Canada. Their issues form the basis for case studies on parks and tourism, consumerism, pulp mills, and river diversion.

Welcome to Environmental Studies 461: The History and Politics of Ecology. This is a senior level undergraduate course designed to acquaint you with ecological theory and how that knowledge has been applied to environmental issues. ENVS 461 is an interdisciplinary course dealing with ecological science, social studies of science, and environmental studies. It is also a mixed media course—on paper and online. For this reason, access to the Internet is a requirement for taking this course.